Established in 1893, POINTWEST Bank has been serving the financial needs of the central Texas community for over 100 years. Our dedication to exceptional personal attention with an unsurpassed quality of service has earned us the confidence of our customers.
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The bank "Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you!"

Our banking team consists of 30 dedicated staff members who provide a combined total of over 525 years of banking experience at POINTWEST Bank.   We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and knowing each and every customer when he comes in the door.
We currently have three locations in the Waco area to serve you:
 1.  POINTWEST Bank of West, located in West,  17 miles north of Waco; and
 2.  POINTWEST Bank of Hewitt, located on Hewitt Drive, 2 miles east of Highway 84.
 3.  POINTWEST Bank of China Spring, our newest location, located at 10101 China Spring Hwy near interesection of Wortham Bend

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Our History

Since 1893
108 Years of Service
Over a hundred years ago a man said, “YES.”

Mr. T. M. West, the founder of the city of West, operated a general store and had the only safe for miles around.  When customers and friends asked to use his safe for their valuables and money, Mr. West said “yes” and accepted the responsibility.  That’s how business was done in 1893.  That’s how neighbors helped each other. He then conceived the idea of creating a private bank to accept deposits of friends and neighbors and to lend money in the community.  Thus in early 1893 the West Bank began operating, and for over one hundred years, has been a vital part of the community. This simple concept of meeting the needs of valued customers and friends was the cornerstone of an institution that is still vigorously serving a hundred and eight years later.

West Bank entered the 20th Century a relatively new institution but established a reputation by early 1906 as a bank which always performed business in a conservative and legitimate way, extending kind and courteous treatment to its patrons.  Because the bank rested upon a solid foundation, that of honesty and conservatism, West Bank was referred to by many customers as the “Old Reliable.”

On August 1, 1920, a group of West citizens purchased the assets of the bank and in April 1921, the bank was chartered as The West State Bank.  After weathering the depression in the thirties, the directors applied for a National Charter which subsequently was granted January 9, 1934 and the name became The West National Bank. That same year the bank moved to the bank’s present site at 200 W. Oak Street, West, Texas.

In those early years when cotton was king, West National became known as the “Cotton Boll” Bank, because of its cotton boll trademark displayed on all drafts and checks.

In 1963, with the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors, the bank was converted from a National to a State Chartered Bank.  This move provided for additional bank customer services.  The name became West bank & trust and has remained the same.

The original two story brick building was demolished and a new facility built on the site in 1965.  The formal opening and ribbon cutting for the new building was held January 15, 1966. Quite the contrast from the original building the new facility was constructed of glass, white brick and black marble. “Best Wishes to the Cotton Boll Bank in your new building. We take pleasure in paying tribute to an institution which has done so much to assist the farmers in this great area.” was a statement made in the West News in January 1966.   This statement in 1966 still reflected the standards set forth when West bank was first established.  That solid structure still stands today on the same site on Oak Street in West. 

Current ownership took possession of the bank in 1968 and have continued to build on the bank’s original foundation. Still there to help customers and friends.

On January 14, 1991, the bank’s branch opened at 420 North Hewitt Drive, in Hewitt, Texas.  This decision enabled the bank to bring its personal service to another area.

Our newest addition, POINTWEST Bank of China Spring, officially opened for business on August 1, 2008.  This new banking facility enables us to add our personal service to yet another area while adding a new convenience location for our current customers.

The changes witnessed this past century are phenomenal, from livery stables to the world wide web.  The banking industry has changed tremendously with POINTWEST Bank meeting the challenges set forth the past 108 years.  While prospering all these years, the bank maintained values set forth by its founders.  Honesty and customer appreciation are still apparent today.  We have continued to build on the solid foundation established in the early 1900’s and will strengthen and prosper through the 21st Century while maintaining the values of the “Old Reliable.” We still treasure our friends and customers, and we’re proud to bear the name of that man who said, “Yes.”


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